Eurex Advanced Services

Welcome to the Eurex Advanced Services for the VSTOXX and related derivatives as well as for the Variance Futures Contract.

The Eurex Advanced Services provide you with a comprehensive set of background information and tools, among others:

  • Python-based technical tutorials
  • two backtesting applications
  • executable IPython notebooks via the Quant Platform

Python-based Tutorials

Python (cf. is an open source programming language with a powerful scientific ecosystem of tools and libraries that becomes increasingly important in the financial industry and the financial and data analytics space in particular.

There are two Python-based tutorials available:

These tutorials provide theoretical and product-related background information, numerical examples and practical Python implementations.


Backtesting Applications

Two backtesting applications are available:

A documentation is found under


Quant Platform

The Quant Platform allows for browser-based, interactive and collaborative financial analytics with Python (and other languages like R). To use the offering, you have to register first under

You then find all the Python codes provided in the Advanced Services tutorials and additional IPython Notebooks hosted for immediate execution under A documentation is found under


If you have questions regarding the Quant Platform and its usage, please write to

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